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2 Ways Both Landlord and Tenants Benefit from Renting Furnished Apartments

Renting Furnished Apartments in Lufkin

As all of us know it has been common over the years for Lufkin apartment renters searching for a place to live to rent both unfurnished and furnished apartments. With the changing times many of these individuals have become apprehensive regarding the renting of furnished units due to the disregard for, and destruction of, the furnishings they provide.

While many renters indeed prefer to rent the unfurnished version in order to establish their own taste and décor aesthetic, units with furniture are still available. For those individuals who are just starting out in their adult life, or are perhaps even starting over after negative life circumstances, these apartments can be one of the greatest blessings to be found. Here we will cover some of the benefits of furnished apartment rental, both to the property owner or manager, as well as the individual or family looking to rent this type of living space.

Furnished Apartments in Lufkin: Benefits to the Landlord

From the outside looking in it may seem that the landlord really can’t win when renting a furnished apartment. A responsible property manager will be thorough in conducting employment and background checks, as well as the rental history of any potential tenant if they want to maintain the integrity of the items within the living space. This can be time consuming and costly at times, but it will pay of greatly in the end.

One major benefit managers can reap is a higher rent cost. Obviously an empty unit, bare of furnishings or décor is going to run a bit less rent-wise, and the deposit on the apartment will be higher as well. This is a security measure which enables the manager to replace or repair any damages done to the items in the apartment. Also, having the freedom to screen potential tenants more carefully enables the landlord to control, to a legal extent of course, the type of people they are renting to. To anyone who has owned or managed rental property this is an invaluable benefit, empowering them to maintain the integrity and structural soundness of the unit and all that is within it.

Furnished Apartments in Lufkin: Benefits to the Renter

Let’s just begin by considering the fact that one moving into a furnished place to live will have a lot less work on their hands when it comes to the moving process. Aside from personal mementos, clothing, and other private items, they have no rental truck fees or renter’s insurance to purchase in the case electronics or other items are stolen.

This type of apartment is also perfect for college students, affording them the opportunity to begin saving for items which will belong to them, preparing them for a more self-sufficient and responsible future. It will instill respect for other’s belongings, and it will teach them financial responsibility. Everyone wants their deposit back when they move, right?
Professionals, particularly those who frequently travel for work find furnished units are an ideal solution, particularly with prices of hotel and motel rooms these days. Since they only take up residence periodically, the unit is usually cared for well, and the landlord is able to see to it that the furnishings within remain in good, re-usable condition.


While there are an abundance of apartment-style living options available out there, a furnished place is one of the best options available for both renter and landlord, depending on the individual situation. As a manager be careful and thorough when considering a potential tenet. As a renter, you want to be sure you are getting the right living accommodations to meet your needs. You will find that renting a furnished unit is one of the wisest, most beneficial options available today.